What to Expect

We are what you call a "Church - Plant" and the dictionary.com definition of this is the following:

Main Entry: Church Planting: Definition: The starting of a new church with a core of worshippers, similar to planting seeds to grow a crop

Because we are a new church, we do not have an old church building in which we meet. We actually meet at the Palm Construction School Classroom where we re-structure the room, somewhat, every week, and then after we are done using it, we transform it back into a regular classroom.

We are a simple church, doing things in a simple way. You can come as you are, and dressed as you are.  We don't care if you come in your work uniform, or with beach sand still in your sandals, or if you are still dressed in the clothes your were wearing to work in your garden, or in your gym attire, nor from your sweat suit after hanging out on your couch exercising your thumbs, or from watching football all day long, we do not care. Our motto is to "Come as you are, and all are welcome, open arms!"

Being a non-denominational church, we do not have any rituals, or hard wooden pews, nor chants or pre-determined official layouts every week.  We strive to create a comfortable and warm environment. 

We are not the perfect church BY FAR, but we do strive to love the best we can. We do not have all the big church programs, but we do have Childcare available. We do not have the big praise bands of big churches, but we do worship the Almighty God, His Son Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit in spirit, and in 


We strive not to create a churchy feeling, but just a place where you can come, relax, grab a cup of coffee and learn about God by the studying of His Word, His Son and His Truth...

We look forward to meeting you, whenever you get the chance to visit with us!

If you are "trasportationally" challenged, then download an MP3 file of one of our latest teachings and see if this interests you.  If it does, then please send us an email letting us know about your interest, and we will arrange to have you picked up if you are located within a 5 mile radius of our church...

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