The Original Vision Dated 1/16/06

Dear Lord,

It seems a new bug has bitten me.  I believe you, my Lord, have given me a new vision.  You have filled my mind with an idea I cannot seem to erase or get out of my head anytime soon.  My Lord, I hope that this is not a hair brained idea and that it is from You for Your kingdom.  It makes most sense and the thoughts I have to fight off are selfish thoughts that the enemy is quick to throw into my mind.  I pray that You will guard and protect my mind from the attacks from the enemy.

I do believe that there is much need for tending to Your flock while they are on vacation.  I want to be the best attendant of a transitional church.  I do believe that the 1st Baptist Church of Orlando would back us up.  We can start by conducting Sunday Night Services (or SNS as we once called it).  Lord I have never really seen myself as a "Pastor" of a church, but I do see myself as a head Pastor of many or a few as the set up is in Group REAL.

You have given me sort of a desire to be a Pastor and we been back and forth on this issue, and this time You have come forth with a vision I am comfortable with, totally comfortable with.  I see the need so very clearly.  I see me being able to lead in such a movement.   I can see many people getting seeds planted.  I can see many service industry workers getting saved.  I can see a great church establishing itself within a short ten years.  I can see Lord, I can see.

I believe You removed the scales from within my eyes, so I pray Lord that You help me keep Your vision right.  Do not let me depart without Your approval.  Lord please help me do things the way You would.  I see this vision feeding the rest.  I believe You have given me the key.  I will step forward in full faith.   I will give myself over to You each and every day.  Lord, I pray that You  fill me with Your vision, wisdom, and determination, so that You can work through me to do Your thing!

Selah into prayer...

Well, I Just finished praying and there is a new spice in my prayer.  One of God confidence, a renewed faith, a renewed vision, a new hope, a new focus, a new and believable goal.  Please Lord help me to realize the authorship of this vision.  Please, Please, Please...  I will wait for confirmation of this.  I know now the kind of Pastor You want me to be.  Just now You have given me Ben Seabreaze's and Becky's comments as Back-up.  Lord I do want to be a Pastor and I pray that Richie will come along for he is my right hand man and even though You are all that I need, I would consider it a REAL blessing if Richie could come along.

I pray that You would give me the wisdom to hear Glynda, so please use her in any and all ways so that I may do Your will my Father and Friend.

I love You & trust You,

Your son,