How Many Calls Will Jesus Make? (Luke 5:1-12)

Final Meditations in my Heart:

1.  The Call of Follow is not such a Stretch, many times it requires a slight shift in careers, or no shift in career even necessary, but a slight shift in our outlook on our career...Is there a slight shift due in your career due to the call He has placed on your life?  What are you doing about it?  Still waiting for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th call?  Is there a shift that needs to take place in your current outlook of the career you are already in?

2.  Jesus is Patient, but will also Out-Persist those whom He loves & Calls to Follow Him.  How many calls has Jesus given you to follow him, and how many times have you followed / served and then gone right back to where he called you from?

3.  The people "Pressed In On Jesus" so that they may hear the Word of God proceeding from his mouth...Are we pressing in on Jesus, insisting on Jesus to give us the words of LIFE?