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  • Parables of Matthew 13

    Parables are stories which seem to be about common life experiences, but which actually reveal a deeper, spiritual reality.  Because the meaning lies somewhere under the surface, and because many of the parables deal with things that we simply don't experience much as 21st-century Christians (mustard plants? oil in our lamps?), we don't always grasp the fullness of what Jesus was teaching.

  • Hebrews 9: The Heavenly Holy Place

    If God didn't intend for the Old Testament system of priesthood and sacrifices to last forever, why did he bother with it at all?  Like many things in the Bible, its true significance wouldn't be evident until after the arrival of Jesus.  Pastor Jim teaches on this idea of "divine foreshadowing," and encourages us to follow God wherever he leads rather than settling down for what is comfortable and familiar.

  • Hebrews 8: The New Covenant

    One of the ongoing themes of Hebrews is, "What now?"  The Jews of the first century were struggling to understand how Jesus could be the continuation of the Old Testament prophecies, but yet eliminate the law and the system of priests and sacrifices that went along with it.  Pastor Robert takes us through Hebrews 8 in order to compare and contrast the Old Covenant and the New. You can listen to the message using the player below, or you can download the message by clicking the down-arr...

  • Hebrews 7: Jesus and Melchizidek

    The mysterious figure of Melchizidek is mentioned once in Genesis and once in Psalms.  Why does the writer of Hebrews consider him to be a forerunner of Jesus?  Join Pastor Robert as he dissects this perplexing passage.

  • Hebrews 1: Jesus Above All Else

    "Long ago, many times and in many ways, God spoke to us through the prophets; but now in these last days He has spoken to us by His Son."  So begins the book of Hebrews, one of the most enlightening and most confusing books in the entire Bible.  Pastor Robert leads us through the first chapter of Hebrews, which has the dual task of showing that Jesus is the Old Testament's promised Messiah while also contrasting the old covenant of the law with the new covenant of grace. You can listen...

  • Know Thy Enemy

    Jesus said that anyone who was living for him would have a giant bull's-eye on their forehead, spiritually speaking.  Satan often targets Christians, either through outright attack or simply through discouragement and complacency, to keep us from making a difference for God.  Pastor Robert teaches us about how Satan works, how to identify a spiritual attack, and how to achieve victory through Jesus.

  • Jesus Just a Good Man, and a Prophet?

    Pastor Robert shares an Easter message entitled: "Jesus Just a Good Man, and a Prophet?"

  • Introduction to the Gospel of Luke

    Here we begin the study and discussion of the Gospel of Luke, and more specifically we look into who Luke was, and how Jesus Christ had impacted his life.

  • Become a Generous Kingdom Investor (Not a Tither)

    In this teaching Pastor Gordon delves in a little more into how the Christian walk demands a shift of mentality towards the money that God entrusts to us.  Sharing Sacrificially is the key to unlocking the doors to the blessings God has in store for you!

  • Leave Your Tithes at Home, and Bring the Most of Your Best to God!

    Pastor Robert actually teaches on Money...great insight and very helpful to  Pastor Gordon in understanding how Jesus looks at money.

  • To The Church In Ephesus

    Pastor Robert continues The Seven Letters to the Seven Churches series with this message about the church in Ephesus.

  • Revelation 1

    Pastor Jim kicks off our new series called: The Revelation Of Jesus Christ, with this message out of Revelation 1.

  • The Altars of Past, Present, & Future...

    Pastor Gordon delivers a message about the significance and history of the altar and it's importance in our lives.

  • Encourage One Another, As I Encourage You

    Pastor Gordon wraps up our "The One Anothers" series with this powerful message about encouraging one another.

  • Love One Another!

    Pastor Gordon delivers a message about loving one another and that it is by example that we accomplish this.

  • What Comes Next?

    Pastor Jim continues our series on Christ's second coming and the end of time.

  • Do You Love Me More Than These?

    Pastor Gordon takes us through the Gospels of Jesus Christ.