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  • Hebrews 12: Abba Father Loves You

    Our earthly parents disciplined us as best they could, but nobody is perfect.  God's correction, though, is faultless: it's always exactly what we need and exactly the right time.  Pastor Robert teaches through Hebrews 12 and explains how anyone who trusts God can trust his perfect discipline as well, because God's discipline is rooted in his pure and unstoppable love for us.

  • Hebrews 10: The Gift of Faith

    What is the antidote to that sin you just can't stop doing?  How is Jesus' high priesthood similar to and different from the Old Testament priesthood?  Join Pastor Jim in a free-flowing walk through Hebrews 10.

  • Hebrews 9: The Heavenly Holy Place

    If God didn't intend for the Old Testament system of priesthood and sacrifices to last forever, why did he bother with it at all?  Like many things in the Bible, its true significance wouldn't be evident until after the arrival of Jesus.  Pastor Jim teaches on this idea of "divine foreshadowing," and encourages us to follow God wherever he leads rather than settling down for what is comfortable and familiar.

  • Hebrews 8: The New Covenant

    One of the ongoing themes of Hebrews is, "What now?"  The Jews of the first century were struggling to understand how Jesus could be the continuation of the Old Testament prophecies, but yet eliminate the law and the system of priests and sacrifices that went along with it.  Pastor Robert takes us through Hebrews 8 in order to compare and contrast the Old Covenant and the New. You can listen to the message using the player below, or you can download the message by clicking the down-arr...

  • Hebrews 7: Jesus and Melchizidek

    The mysterious figure of Melchizidek is mentioned once in Genesis and once in Psalms.  Why does the writer of Hebrews consider him to be a forerunner of Jesus?  Join Pastor Robert as he dissects this perplexing passage.

  • Hebrews 6: Eternal Security and Falling Away

    Hebrews 6 refers to Jesus as the "sure and steadfast anchor for our soul," yet the same chapter contains warnings about falling away.  What do we do with this seeming paradox?  Pastor Robert delivers a thoughtful analysis of the controversy surrounding the idea of eternal security.

  • Hebrews 5: Jesus as Prophet, Priest, and King

    In the Old Testament, God related to his people through three kinds of intermediaries: the prophets, who received revelation directly from him; the priests, who reached out to God on behalf of the people; and the kings, who ruled over God's people.  Pastor Jim teaches from Hebrews 5 and explains how Jesus was the fulfillment and the culmination of each of those offices.  What does it mean for Jesus to be your prophet, your priest, and your king?

  • Hebrews 4: The Sabbath Rest

    Why don't we celebrate the Sabbath day anymore, the way the Jews used to?  Pastor Jim teaches from Hebrews 4, which says that the Sabbath day of rest was a foreshadowing of the peace and rest that we live in every day as children of God. You can stream the message using the player below, or click the down-arrow button in the top right to download it.

  • Hebrews 3: The Place of Rest

    In one of the most impactful sermons to hit The Church of Life, Pastor Jim talks about finding rest in God.  Jesus called for all who were weary and heavy-laden to come to him so he could give them rest, but many times, we spend our whole Christian life striving and trying to earn God's approval, and our faith ends up being a source of stress rather than a source of peace.  Hebrews 3 talks about how to get back to that place of rest.

  • Hebrews 2: Jesus the High Priest

    Have you ever thought about how it would feel to be a Jewish Christian in the first century?  You grew up under a system of sacrifices, temple worship, eating kosher, obeying the law...and suddenly all that changed.  What do you do now?

  • Hebrews 1: Jesus Above All Else

    "Long ago, many times and in many ways, God spoke to us through the prophets; but now in these last days He has spoken to us by His Son."  So begins the book of Hebrews, one of the most enlightening and most confusing books in the entire Bible.  Pastor Robert leads us through the first chapter of Hebrews, which has the dual task of showing that Jesus is the Old Testament's promised Messiah while also contrasting the old covenant of the law with the new covenant of grace. You can listen...

  • Introduction to Hebrews

    Imagine how it would feel to be an observant Jew of Jesus' day.  All of a sudden the Messiah comes and there is no more animal sacrifice, no more priesthood, no more temple worship, no more eating kosher, no more mandatory circumcision.  Pastor Jim introduces the book of Hebrews and examines the major themes of the book, including that question of "What on earth do we do now?" You can listen to the message using the player below, or download the message by clicking the down-arrow in th...

  • Run The Race: Hebrews 12:1-3

    Pastor Richie shares a message on: The Missional Journey: "What it Should Look like in us .." Richie shares the stages of "the race" and the related principles.