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  • The Original Vision Dated 1/16/06

    Dear Lord, It seems a new bug has bitten me.  I believe you, my Lord, have given me a new vision.  You have filled my mind with an idea I cannot seem to erase or get out of my head anytime soon.

  • Journal Entry 1-14-07...Follow up to last Blog...

    So after receiving the vision from God to start a bible study on International Drive for the Hospitality and Visitors, I waited for His confirmation.  For a whole year I kept things to myself and I rarely even referred back to the vision.  I got caught up in LIFE and in Business and Ministry and ho humming along.

  • Five Years Since the Vision - Three Years Since the Start...

    Well this blog is probably 3 years past due, but I have been sort of (ok, maybe very) resistant to the blog thing because I personally do not read them very much at all.  I feel that blogs exist just to satisfy the soul of those who feel the need to overly express themselves a lot.  I do not want to utilize this for this purpose.

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